Game of Thrones Musical

So this is awesome or what!

Imagine Daenerys Targaryen sassing out to a fun reggae tune, Jaime Lannister singing a soulful ode to Cersei, And the boss of them all – Tyrion, completely killing the stage with a ferocious rendition of a song that proves yet again why he’s a force to be reckoned with!

Yessss, isn’t it just amazing!!

As part of the Red Nose Day charity event in the USA, Coldplay released a video showcasing a musical they’re planning with the cast of Game of Thrones. It’s surreal to see the cast outside of the show. Especially the one who plays Ramsay Bolton, he might be terrifying on the show but here he’s just so adorable. As was Nikoloj, who plays Jaime.

But the best part was the lyrics! I LOL’d at the Red Wedding Song.

If you’re here for the wedding of Robbie Stark

Keep the car running, there’s no need to park!

Haha! then there was this one by Jaime –

Are you thinking about Joffrey?

Such a spirited lad

I was his uncle,

I was also his dad!

Somebody at Coldplay has a good sense of humor. I highly recommend you watch the entire 12 minutes of the video, but if you’re short on time jump to 7:40 for the good bits!!

Now I don’t know if this is real and if we will truly get to listen to the full tracks sometime down the line (because I’m dying to!). Or if it is just done for the event and this is as much as we would ever get, but kudos to Chris Martin for bringing this all together anyway.

We really need more musicals, if you ask me!!!

P.S. I think if you’re in the USA, you can donate to the Red Nose Day , the money goes to child welfare across the world.


6 thoughts on “Game of Thrones Musical

  1. We have Red Nose day here in the Land Down Under and Game of Thrones on the goggle box. We haven’t looked at GOT yet, but we do contribute o RND. It’s a great charity. And yes, we do put a red nose on our Landrover.

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  2. Yaaasss I saw this on RND! Super hilarious and adorable 😀 My favorite song was by Emilia Clark! Rastafarian, Targaryen! 😀
    And when Theon/Reek meets Ramsay , that was pure GOLD 😀

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    • OMG!! Wasn’t Emilia just smashing in that Rastafarian song!! I want the full version right now!
      Oh yes! And I loved Ramsay’s song too, he sings so cutely! 😛

      I dunno how much of it is Auto-tune, but these actors do sing brilliantly!

      P.S Someone joked that Hodor should have his own song! 😛 😛

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      • Hahaha yesss a Hodor Hodor Hodor song would’ve been AWESOMESAUCE! 😀 And I really was hoping these songs would be released on iTunes.. I sooo want them they are so amazinggg *_*
        P.S. Minus that Jaime’s song (“That is Coldplay’s first love ballad on incest) 😀 😀 I was LMAOing!

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