Feeling Good – A lot of people (or) Avicii has a new Single out!!

So I was going through the new releases list on Spotify today and suddenly spot Avicii. I go, wait I know that guy! The single was named ‘Feeling Good’, and knowing Avicii, I imagined it’d be new peppy and upbeat number. Only When I start listening do I realize that it’s none other than a cover of the oldie-but-goldie by Nina Simone!!

In case you haven’t heard the original yet, I really urge you to listen to it right away as this is one song that simply blows my mind each time I hear it! It has a very intricate jazzy arrangement and lets Nina take over with her amazing vocals. And the climactic bits are simply out of this world. I don’t know if songs have souls, but his one comes pretty close.

So what did Avicii do to this?

I was initially a bit skeptical but he has actually expanded upon the feel of the song and made it even more atmospheric. On repeated listenings, I’m starting to get all the little nuances that he has sprinkled throughout. It still doesn’t compare to the original but stands pretty good on its own in a much more modern light.

Just close your eyes and listen. You’ll surely press repeat! And I have to add that the music video is amazing, it adds wonderful imagery. The actual song starts at the 1:00 mark, though.

But I’m not done yet.

See, a long time ago, I watched an audition for the X-Factor USA 2012. The contestant, a 13 year old girl, sings this very complicated song and sweeps everyone off their feet. The judges never expect that she’d be sooo good and neither would you, so do give it a try. Just in case you’re not sold yet, Simon Cowell gives her a STANDING OVATION! Now that never happens!

Oh and did I mention that Muse have their own cover of Feeling Good as well. Not my favorite of the lot but still good!

So yes, a lot of Feeling Good today. And I hope you guys feel good after listening to the songs too! 🙂

8 thoughts on “Feeling Good – A lot of people (or) Avicii has a new Single out!!

    • Yay, I’m glad you liked this! Sometimes you hear a song and feel sooo good that you cannot help but share it with the world! This was one of those songs 😀 So which version did you like the best?

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