So I’m doing this “Start Writing Fiction” course…

Recently, a fellow blogger has posted about this course called Start Writing Fiction on FutureLearn and I’m glad he did otherwise I wouldn’t have heard of this wonderful opportunity at all. This is basically geared towards budding writers who are just starting to get their feet wet at writing fiction. I’m finding it quite resourceful and fun so far! The course is laid out in a very logical step-by-step process getting you slowly acquainted with all the intricacies of fiction.

And I finally found a reason to keep a physical journal! 🙂 The course prods everyone to note down anything and everything that comes to their mind in the journal – the people, the sights, the sounds, the smells – you get the idea. I haven’t gotten this detailed yet, for I also realized that I do need to hone my perceptive skills. I’ve been doing a lot of people watching, though, and noting anything that seems intriguing. It’s been proving to be quite an enjoyable and insightful experience so far!

Though I have to say I still have to master the art of observing someone without coming off as a stalker!!


The idea is that you create a character drawing inspiration from your observations and finally be able to build a short story around them. Fingers-crossed!

To talk about the course in particular, the duration is 8 weeks in all(of which we’re in the second week now) with a minimum effort of 3 hrs per week. But I guess the best thing is that you are at liberty to do this at your own pace which is very crucial to me.


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