Avengers has been watched. Fun was had. :D


The fact that Avengers: Age of Ultron had been my most awaited movie for 2015 is an understatement! I mean, come on, it’s the AVENGERS! You cannot bring the best superheroes of all time together and have a bad movie at your hands. They’re pure awesome sauce on screen. And I’m back in Hyderabad this weekend, so got to catch the movie in IMAX too! It was marvelous!! (See what I did there 😛 )

Would I call it better than the first movie? Probably not. The first one had a sense of delight all along, and it had a very intriguing antagonist as well in Loki. This one is s bit grim, the villain being plain one-dimensional, and you don’t really feel the same emotional connect over the resolution to the conflict. But hey, it doesn’t matter! You don’t go to an Avengers movie to worry about the Villan. 🙂

In that regard, the movie scores well as our primary heroes are a delight to watch here again. And the best thing is that each of them gets their due this time, no one feels highlighted or sidelined. Even Hawkeye, who’s secret will warm your hearts instantly. And of course, there are a lot of witty dialogues sprinkled throughout that keep things light-hearted even during moments of distress. Most of these are relegated to Tony Stark, and he rocks as usual!

What’s also interesting is the range of themes the movie touches upon. It talks of loss, of familial bonds, of love, of companionship, and most importantly of ‘togetherness’. Of what can be achieved when you have people with you. So yes, this movie is not just about action and kicking the bad guy’s ass, the emotions it brings forth will resonate with you even after you’ve the cinema. I can’t help but adore Marvel for not turning these movies into mindless action cesspools.

And you might have thought you’ve seen all variations of the “cataclysmic” Hollywood climax battles, but wait till you watch this one! It’s epicness of a different level altogether! *claps*

Of course you’ll watch this movie whether I tell you or not, but in case you’re still in splits – just go already! You don’t want to miss this action on the big screen.

To put you in the right mood, here’s the electrifying Avengers Theme. A true masterpiece of a score, especially from 1:04.

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