Writing 101: Day 19 – Everything Changes

Well once again, we’re tasked to write freely for 20 minutes. Gawd. But anyway, this time I did a couple minutes of thinking before I started so I do know what I want to write about. Behold – It’s about “Rapid Advances in Technology!

Well I chose this topic as I know that this is something I can talk about. I guess everyone who’s born around the 1990’s has seen a tremendous shift in the way we lead our lives, more than any other generation if I’m not wrong. We have seen a significant change in the definition of “entertainment”, if I say so myself. I still remember the big boxy television we had in our home when I was a kid, which showed only a max of 8 channels. And how can I forget the antenna on top of our house which used to capture free-to-air channels run by the government. Everyone had one of those back then. And of course, the pain of having to press buttons on TV to change channels. When Dad suddenly one day purchased a “revolutionary” new TV which showed up to 100 channels, had a remote control(!!) and had so many customization controls that it took a whole day to understand it all – we were ecstatic! TV watching became a vanity, and whoever had the remote in hand was the boss. Now we have two televisions in our house. Each connected to a digital set-top box which dishes out crystal clear quality channels. There’s no more fights, no one argues over which program to watch anymore. If mum is watching soaps, bro is watching sports then I will turn to Youtube on my computer. They put all the TV shows online these days anyways, no one has to worry about catching a show at the exact time it is telecast on TV.

If I turn to music, I was one of those people who used to run to the music store to buy the latest audio cassettes (not CD’s, mind you). I don’t think the future kids would even know what a tape-recorder is. Or the once ubiquitous Walkman! What’s strange is that music CD’s are relatively new but they’re already dying. Why would anyone go through the trouble of accumulating physical discs when you can have it all digitally in your pocket. It’s interesting to note how technologies come and go, and how it is driven so much by public convenience and usage.

You can never call something the pinnacle of innovation.

I guess I’ll leave you with one more remark. Anyone remember Floppy Discs? You see them everyday, whenever you click the Save button. And yet, I don’t think the younger generation has ever held one in their hands. I remember the days when we would store documents and photos on a floppy disc to share between friends. And all it had was a max of 1.44 MB. Can you imagine? These days, not even half of a song fits in that space.

11 thoughts on “Writing 101: Day 19 – Everything Changes

  1. I don’t remember the era when a tv had no remote control. Well, I agree, technology plays a great role in our lives. It gives us the ease. But, we shouldn’t forget the negative side of technology. I mean we should be wise in using it, don’t let ourselves be the slaves to gadgets. Well written post! 😊

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  2. I’ve actually held a floppy disk before and I’ve had those TV’s where you’ve had to press the button. As for Casette Tapes well my parents had heaps of them. This is an interesting post, about how one day DVD’s, CD’s even USB’s are going to be gone in a matter of time.

    Well written once again,

    – Ainsworth 🙂

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  3. Anyone remember Floppy Discs? You see them everyday, whenever you click the Save button.

    Similarly with the Phone icon in our smartphones.
    I’ve had similar thoughts about the same.

    Fools thoughts seldom differ. 😉

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  4. Nicely put. Change impacts upon everything. I often wonder what actual work there will be for the human race in 100 years time. We can’t all become technocrats or geeks/nerds. It’s a strange new world alright.

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    • Well, the thing is that it’s absolutely impossible to guess what’s gonna happen in future. My grandkids might not even know what a TV is, lol!


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