Writing 101: Day 11 – There Is No Place Like Home

Well, talk about being 12!

Seems like a far far time ago even though in reality I’m only double the age now. But it was an exciting time, you know, teenage hormones and all that. And also discovering…a lot of things! But I’m digressing. 😛 We have to talk about the house!

Now, you see, my dad works for the Indian Railways. Why is this detail important to my story? Because it is. You see, all the employees of the Railways are given accommodation in something called as the “Railway Quarters”. These are very quaint neighborhoods, with nondescript apartments and narrow roads that are dotted by towering trees and lush foliage that they really evoke a cozy, old-world charm! They are also often present very close to the Railway Station (one of the biggest perks! You never have to rush to catch a train).

So yes, Railway Quarters are where I’ve practically lived all my life. In three different towns, no less!!

Oh you do get transferred a lot if you’re in the Railways. It’s good in a way, you get to see and live in new places. The downside being that there’s a lot of leaving-behind involved. I changed schools thrice, and it was neither easy to say good-bye to old friends nor easy to get accustomed to new people and surroundings. But I guess it was all worth it in the end, as it opened up my senses to new experiences and sights that I would have missed otherwise.

To talk specifically of where we lived when I was 12, it was a four story building with two houses on each floor. Our house number was 5, so we were on the third floor, the door to the right. It wasn’t a huge apartment, just had all the basic rooms but it did have a very distinctive feature! This apartment building was at the very edge of our colony and right behind us was the school where I used to study in! Only separated by a single compound wall, that’s all!

But that’s great, right? NO! The distinctive feature I mentioned above lies in the bathroom. And its big huge window that opened up to a classroom. Scary? You bet.

Now who puts big windows in bathrooms? This design decision is something that has remained a mystery till today! Did they perhaps think that we would enjoy the vista while taking a shower. Seriously? How about, you open the window and your nakedness is in perfect visible distance of a whole room of excited school-children!  LOL, that was one creepy bathroom. Needless to say, the windows remained tightly shut throughout.

They did eventually wall up the window, but only after three years. By which time we were moving to a different place, so it didn’t really matter.

But yea, funny things aside, it was our first house in the big city so it did have a lot of exciting memories attached to it. I had my first computer, read my very first novel (yes, I was a late bloomer), cooked my first dish, had our first pet – all firsts in that very house. The only sad thing is that it doesn’t exist anymore. Last time I went by the place, I found it half demolished to make way for expanding the main road. Sometime being on the edge does really have its cons.

Because everything is better when you add Michael Giacchino and since I was listening to this while writing this piece, I thought why not share the music too! Do give it a go! 🙂

11 thoughts on “Writing 101: Day 11 – There Is No Place Like Home

  1. No kidding! My grandfather was in the Railways too! And I have heard stories of how forty years back they used to have these enormous houses, with ceilings as high as the sky! Agh! It really feels bad not growing up in something like that…
    But this was really amazing! The case of the mysterious window… lol 😛

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    • Oh the ones you are talking about must be the really old houses. We did have houses that looked like they were built during the British times, with high ceilings, tiled roofs, big courtyards and all but we never got a chance to live in a house like that! We always got these “new” houses that were cramped, had small balconies, and all. But its true that railway colonies are a world unto themselves! 🙂 They feel very disconnected with the outside world, but in a good way.

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  2. Dear Uday!
    Thanks for your follow.
    Congratulations! Your Blog is now looking very very attractive, I think you changed the theme.
    When I started my blog I din’t know anything about configuring the things and the widgets, but I learnt and learning by the days. In my Eighties theme it has its limitations. Do inform me of the best themes.
    I am happy that you being an Indian are active in the blogging world.

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    • Hi there! Thanks for your comment. I really liked your theme actually. It was bold and stood out. I’m still in the hunt for good themes, will let you know if I find any.

      I really liked your writing and your thoughts. Looking forward to more!


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