Writing 101: Day 8 – Rain Me Over

It had rained here today. Pre-summer showers, these are called apparently. If you’ve ever been stuck in temperatures upwards of thirty degrees Celsius, you’d know how heavenly it feels when heavens pour out for you. What a wonderful sight it is, to wake up to an overcast sky with a light drizzle in the air. Trust me, live anywhere near the Equator and you’ll despise the Sun with all your heart. Sorry, Sun, nothing personal. you’re just too hot for my taste.

I wake up, giving my bed a wistful look. I so wanted to go back to sleep again. Don’t we all love these days, when there’s laziness in the air and your slippery dreams are beckoning you. Don’t you feel like curling up in your bed, without a care in the world. Unfortunately, though, duty calls!

If this were school, today would have been declared a holiday! The ever-wonderful Rain Holiday. Because, man, was that a downpour! Standing in my sixth floor balcony, no matter which direction I looked at, all I saw was the thick hazy cover brought by rain. So then the dilemma starts again, how would I even make it to work today? Or maybe I should just call in sick! Too obvious? Well people do fall sick when it rains!

Bu the sad story is, I was dragging myself to work with an umbrella in hand an hour later. It still hadn’t stopped raining but I dared as I was already running late. I put on my sandals since I didn’t want my precious shoes ruined. Not my precious Woodland shoes. And not to drum up my country’s problems but roads here are something of a story. When it rains, most of the city turns into a mini Venice! It almost feels like you’d do better with a rowing boat than a car. Imagine my plight then, waiting for a public bus at the bus stop, almost drenched, despite of the umbrella.

When I at last did get the bus, it was a dingy ordinary bus with a leaky top that didn’t let me read my book. I almost had an urge to open up my umbrella inside the bus! But the bus was crammed with people, tightly pressed against each other. It was a wet mess.

I did reach office safe and sound around noon. Only to find out that I was the second person to arrive from my team.

Today’s prompt had been to visit a local place and write a descriptive piece on it. Twist was to cut down as many adverbs as possible. I’m not really sure what I did here 🙂 As I obviously can’t go anywhere apart from office on weekdays, this turned into more of a mood piece than a descriptive one I suppose. I did cut down on the adverbs where ever I could, though I’m not sure if I actually put myself in a situation to have more adverbs.

18 thoughts on “Writing 101: Day 8 – Rain Me Over

  1. I could almost smell that rainy fragrance while reading this ❤ It's hot as hell nowadays where I live, so thank you for taking me out on a trip through a beautiful refreshing rainy day ^_^

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  2. Ok, this was good. I liked how you made this so descriptive, making it sound like we were there with you in the rain. I would actually love to be where you are right now! I mean, Rainy Days off school!, Mini Venice!, Lack of Sun!, that is so my cup of tea, haha.

    – Ainsworth 🙂

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