Santhome Church, Chennai #Photojournal

Yesterday I’ve been to one of the arguably best churches in Chennai, The Saint Thomas Basilica. Apparently, it’s only one of the three churches in the whole world that are built over the tomb of an apostle.

It’s a dazzling construction, with ornate designs everywhere and that striking white facade. Again, my Lumia 830 comes to the rescue taking very good photos!

Truth is, it’s very difficult to capture the entire structure in a single frame!! :O You can’t get that far away as the church is practically adjacent to the road. So all my photos contain only a part of the church, sadly.

A little long exposure to give that silky texture to flowing water!
I wish the church had a big front courtyard!
Just trying to get it all in!
All that negative space, yo!
The spires are definitely intricate!
Getting low!
Serendipity! What other background can you ask for!

6 thoughts on “Santhome Church, Chennai #Photojournal

    • My pleasure! πŸ™‚ I’ve been meaning to go since three years (ever since I landed in Chennai) but got to go only last week!

      You should definitely visit it! Evening around 5 is bestt! πŸ™‚


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