Soundtracks, soundtracks!! Here are some of my favourites!

Recently a fellow blogger(you know who you are :P) has prompted me to recommend him some of the musical scores that I like. It felt like a great activity as I myself have never organized the list of good soundtracks that I have collected over the years – through the various movies, TV Shows and Video Games. So the below is a very quick and short  compilation of some of my most loved ones.

I’m gonna use this a baseline and keep adding to it as and when I remember/find other tracks. You could probably guess my musical taste after looking at the below, so if you think there’s something I need to listen, let me know in the comments!! I’m always up for MORE MUSIC!! 😀

  1. Concerning Hobbits – Lord of the Rings
  2. Leaving Hogwarts – Harry Potter
  3. Harry in Winter – Harry Potter
  4. Hogwarts’s Hymn – Harry Potter
  5. Dumbledore’s Farewell – Harry Potter
  6. Obliviate – Harry Potter
  7. Over Hill – The Hobbit
  8. Evacuating London – Chronicles of Narnia
  9. Wild Track – Silver Linings Playbook
  10. Rue’s Farewell – Hunger Games
  11. The Avengers – The Avengers
  1. Prepared to do anything – Sherlock
  2. Life and Death – LOST
  3. There’s No Place Like Home – LOST
  4. LAX – LOST
  5. Desmond and Penny’s Theme – LOST
  6. Happily Ever After – LOST
  7. Da Vinci’s Demons Theme
  8. Liberta Populi – Da Vinci’s Demons
  9. Sophia’s Return – The Walking Dead
  10. Game of Thrones Theme
  11. Fringe Theme
  1. Far Horizons – Skyrim
  2. Skyrim Theme – Skyrim
  3. Enough for One Life – Assassin’s Creed
  4. Ezio’s Family – Assassin’s Creed

I love it when you comment!

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