Writing 101: Day 3 – Floating on a sea called Music

Today’s Prompt: Write about the three most important songs in your life — what do they mean to you?

Music. It’s my life-blood after all.

But write about just three songs that mean something to me? Herculean task, right there! Of all the songs I have listened to till now, different songs have meant differently to me through the times. Some songs that I got emotionally attached to as a teenager, don’t give me the same feel when I listen to them now. And moreover, add the fact that I seldom pay attention to the lyrics. Yes. I’ve said it finally. I consider myself more of a purist when it comes to music so my focus has predominantly always been on the instruments and orchestration. I have been known to go nuts over a guitar strumming pattern or that mesmerizing violin bit that takes a song to all new highs. With this in mind then, I think I’m going to write about three musical scores that mean a lot to me.

1. Leaving Hogwarts – John Williams – Harry Potter

This should come as no surprise if you’ve read my yesterday’s post. This is still one of my most heavily played songs according to my Last.fm account. The reason probably has to do with the fact that this one always leaves me with a bundle of emotions. It gives me hope when I’m low, it gives me peace when I’m stressed. It simply makes me want to believe that everything is gonna be okay. If I cut back to the movies, three scenes comes to mind that have this song in the background.  1. Harry’s first night in Hogwarts, he’s sitting on the window sill smiling to himself. He finally felt like he belonged somewhere. 2. End of first year, Harry is leaving Hogwarts. He’s both happy and sad. 3. Final scene of the series, Harry, Ron and Hermione send off their kids to Hogwarts. All was well.

2. Life and Death – Michael Giacchino – LOST

If someone were to ask me what’s the best TV show ever, I’d say LOST without a blink. Because what LOST did to me, no other show even came close to. It was not just a drama or a thriller. LOST was about life. It was about people, ordinary people with extra-ordinary stories. In the process, it taught me a lot of things – of empathy, courage, pragmatism, hope and an unflinching desire for the truth. This central musical theme called ‘Life and Death’ just ties everything together. I cannot help but get emotional whenever I listen to this piece. It has minimal instruments, but that tune always has a way of pulling at my heartstrings.

3. Happy Ending – Danny Elfman – Silver Linings Playbook

If my life had a background score, it would be this. It’s not because my life has got anything to do with the movie. But the original score Danny created for this movie is simply phenomenal. It’s difficult to really explain why I feel this connected to this song but I guess you could say it precisely reflects my state of mind. It’s simple, mellow and then suddenly becomes hauntingly beautiful.

Here are the songs, in case you’re interested.


14 thoughts on “Writing 101: Day 3 – Floating on a sea called Music

  1. Ah man, wow, three of my most favorite soundtracks ❤ Amazing choice ^_^ But hey, if anyone asked me which is the best TV show ever, I would say Breaking Bad. I'll give this answer until the day I die 😀 But LOST is definitely a close second for me. It was actually my very FIRST tv show 😀 Can you imagine? I was introduced to the world of TV series by this beautiful, haunting, thrilling piece of art. ❤


    • Breaking Bad was simply mind-blowing stuff! Perfect example of good script-writing as opposed to LOST which did meander towards the end and didn’t give a satisfactory ending! Yet, this show moved me in so many different levels that I have to give it top cake! 🙂 Also also probably because my emotional investment in Breaking Bad fell a little short of LOST. Anyway, they’re both AMAZING shows in their own right! 😀

      How awesome it is that LOST was your first ever show!! I saw it only three years back! The honors for my first TV show go to The Big Bang Theory 🙂

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  2. Wow, as always I just loved this piece! Your description was spot on and it was just amazing! Thank you so much for sharing that with us and thank you for opening my eyes to new music. As I don’t usually listen to this type of music. Is it possible if you could list more songs for me please? Other songs that are your favourite? Thanks again 🙂

    – Ainsworth

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    • Good to hear that you liked my choices 🙂 I listen to a lot of orchestral scores, some from movies, some from video games! Gimme some time, I’ll compile a small list of songs and share them with you! Meanwhile, you can check out some other scores from Michael Giacchino. That guy is awesome!! Check this one out – especially from 1:45 is my fav –

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