100 Days of Love & Rudhramadevi – Music Review

As promised, Music Sunday is here and I bring you two albums that I have listening to this past week. One is a Malayalam album starring Dulquer and Nithya Menon (the trailer looks lovely!) and the other is a Telugu historical drama starring Anushka Shetty (the trailer looks shitty).

100 Days of Love
Composer: Govind Menon
What can you expect: Lilting melodies!

I first saw Govind Menon at a concert here in Chennai and immediately loved the way he played the violin! Really, this guy rocks! Anyway, now we are talking about Govind the composer. And I can tell you that he’s awesome here as well.

Arike Pozhiyum has everything going for it. The tune has the right highs and lows to keep it engaging. The guitars (both acoustic and bass) make an impact. As is that flute, especially in the interludes. Just a very breezy and mellifluous song that cannot go wrong.

Hridayathin Niramai is something I’d love to hear in a beach-side cafe. A very waltzy song, with a lovely accordion and a guitar to accompany. Vijay Yesudas and Mridula’s vocals fit perfectly as well.

Manjiloode is again a beautiful melody. You might feel that things are getting a bit too repetitive at this point but stick with it as this song can stand on its own for its very-hummable tune and impressive orchestration.

Ninnekaanan is the only only in the album that I’m not too keen on giving repetitive listens but that doesn’t mean it’s not good. By this point, I have realized that one thing Govind Menon is really good at is keeping the stanzas interesting. I mean, literally how many songs have I listened where they start out well enough but fall flat as they progress. But this song starts out mellow but reaches its high in the stanzas!

Composer: Ilayaraja
What can you expect: Vintage Ilayaraja

I have decided that I’m not going to talk about songs that I don’t like from an album. Just better that way, I don’t have to worry about how to tastefully critique them and can just focus on what I liked. With that in mind, I’ll only talk about three songs from this album.

Auna Neevena – If it’s sweeping violins that you need, then this song has loads of them. Apparently Ilayaraja seems to be the only composer who is satisfying my need for violins! Coming to this song – the tune is beautiful and flows wonderfully with the music. As I said, violins take top spot but the rest of the orchestration is captivating too. Especially that second interlude that changes things up a bit. My only fib is with the choice of Sadhana Sargam as the female singer. For one, I cannot imagine Anushka with Sadhana’s voice and two, I replay this song with a much sweeter voice in my head and it sounds so much better. Hariharan is perfect, though.

Punnami Puvvai – Probably the heroine introduction song. Has a good enough tune but it’s Shreya who blows you out of the water with her excellent vocals.

Anthapuram – Ooh I’m excited to talk about this song! It features three singers – Sadhana, Chinmayi and Chithra!! And you have to listen to this song to believe the genius that Ilayaraja is in concocting something like this. The tune seamlessly shifts between the singers without becoming a confused mess with each one standing out on their own. The stanzas particularly are the highlight with a  wonderful crescendo. The most inventive telugu song I’ve heard in a long while .

Happy Listening!

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