Mayamo maru mayamo…!

Job Kurian comes across as an incredibly passionate musician. You just need to listen to his compositions on Music Mojo, which I believe is a TV show in Kerala that showcases indie talent.

I came across Job in a song called Melle Kollum that he sang on the same show a couple of years back. I really liked his voice and the earnestness with which he seemed to sing. But nothing prepared me for what was to come later. When I found out that he donned the hat of a composer as well.

And then this happened – Mayamo, from the movie Rasam. When I heard the film version of the song, I did like it as I thought it had a very intriguing structure. But of course, Job being Job, he goes and does a rock version of it as well on Music Mojo and that was when I realized that I’m totally and irrevocably in love with this guy’s music sense.

Go ahead and listen to this…

The song, with its vivacious orchestration  coupled with the brilliant vocals by Job himself and the schoolkids is simply electrifying. You can almost feel the care and effort that would have gone into arranging this piece so meticulously. All of the layers construe a rich tapestry of music that you would love to visit again and again.

My favorite bit? It’s that Cello of course starting at 00:28. It’s wonderful that its there, considering how most composers have become too lazy to embellish their music with these creative touches. Give me five minutes of just that Cello, and I’ll be a happy man!

Of course I don’t understand a word of what he’s singing about! 🙂


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