Badlapur…the music!

When people think of Badlapur, the songs probably are not the first thing that come to mind. But they should, because I think in the sea of cacophony that has become Bollywood music, this album stands out for its intense tunes and soulful music. And definitely something that is going to stay with me for a while.

There are only a total of four songs, but what takes the cake for me is Judaai. Sung poignantly by Rekha Bharadwaj and Arijit, the whispery tune takes you to the depths of desolation. Musically, too, the songs works with just the right amount of instruments – that violin in the first interlude is a total heart-wrench. There’s a reason this song has been on loop for the past couple of weeks now, just remember to close your eyes when you listen.

And then there’s Jeena Jeena. Ah, how I wish I knew how to play the guitar just so I could sing to this song. A lilting melody, with a very hummable tune and beautiful vocals by Atif Aslam. A perfect song to fill your Saturday morning with music. Don’t bother with the remix version, though.

And look what I found! An official video song from Atif Aslam himself!

Last but not the least, Jee Karda. This one’s an instant winner for its rocking vocals and the vibrant orchestration. Heavy songs like this are usually not my cup of coffee, but this one won me over for the unflinching emotion that seethes through the music. And that Shehnai bit at 2:19 was a very clever touch. They did a good job with the video song as well.

Sachin-Jigar are an intriguing duo and they deliver in Badlapur, and how!

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